Who We Are

hold-512The sweet soulful, sound was created to give you a memorable service on your wedding day, anniversary and other special occasions. You need a singer/DJ that would keep the event on a cheerful and entertained; we can provide that. Your wedding is one of the most memorable events of life. Thus, it is important for you to make the day perfect. We can assure you to have a wonderful singer who would give life to the songs of your wedding day. Make everyone cry with happiness as our singer will sing you a heartfelt song as you come to take your partner to a lifetime vow. This moment will be forever cherished by the people who will witness your most awaited day.

Meanwhile, it isn’t only about the ceremony that matters- but at the reception as well. You want to keep the mood joyful and sound? We can do that with our singer/DJ! Expect to have a cheerful gathering on the feasting place as you come to enjoy your first meal and dance as husband and wife. And it wouldn’t be perfect without the appropriate equipment which brings the atmosphere into jolly and active tempo. Make them take their partners and dance with you on the floor as the singer/DJ plays adorable and cool music. May it be mellow or upbeat, we can give you such music at the reception and make everyone groove and dance with the playlist.